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Welcome to Golf Pool 2023-2024

Many of you may already be familiar with this event already, others not. Our goal, for this 2024 golf season, is to surpass the available number of cash prizes to be won and increase each of these reachable payouts. In addition to this new payout structure, monthly we have selected 1 event where by the best team performance will also receive a cash prize. We like to refer to this as our Biggie Size Event as we anticipate 300+ teams to join this year, and a ton of money to give away!

Administration of this pool will be conducted at the end of each scheduled PGA Tournament Event and results posted thereafter. Standings can be viewed week to week at this website, so bookmark it for your convenience. Please check back often with us as special Notices / Corrections will be made via this website.

Rules and regulations can be found on the Rules & Regulations webpage. Prize payouts can be found on the Prizes & Payouts webpage. Team entry forms are available at the Team Entry Form webpage. All tournament standings can be found on the Tournament Results webpage.

Registration can be filled out online. If you choose to mail or fax your picks in, download a soft copy of Excel Picks. If for some reason you cannot print this document, let us know your fax number and we will send you a copy via fax. If you have friends who may want to play, you can make a copy of our entry form and distribute it to them for their use.

Good Luck and Thank You in advance for your participation!
Scott Pichette